About us

Established in 2011, Incipit provides a complete range of consultancy services to bridge the divide between corporate strategy and the difficulties in its successful implementation, improving and streamlining every process to boost your company’s success and efficiency. Incipit’s makes its operative entrance into your company it’s strength.

We are talking about a strategic consultancy concept, which, even when the objectives have been clearly defined, can often be held back due to the operational processes. Also, the achievement of the objectives is usually left in hands of the internal resources, who are often too absorbed in the corporate culture to introduce the necessary changes. This divide between the strategic expectations and the concrete realisation of the objectives can prevent a company from achieving long-lasting business change, which can cause growing frustration, particularly if they have invested in strategies that can be applied to the reality in theory but not in practice. It is true that inspiration and innovation are crucial in a business project, but even the greatest ideas are of little use if a company is unable to realise its vision.

Incipit provides valid solutions to these needs, through the use of a temporary management method, which introduces experts and managers into your company structure, for a pre-established time period, who will flank your internal resources, accompanying them through this period of change, while providing your company with all the instruments it needs to achieve the pre-agreed objectives.

Our temporary management projects are made possible thanks to our founders’ many years of experience in company management and organisation and the wealth of contacts that the same manager and team have built over the years. This is why Incipit has all the right cards for being your company’s ideal business partner, helping you to build and strengthen your resources, skills and company performance.

Thanks to our temporary management model, Incipit provides concrete, 360 degrees support
Direct & Indirect Channels , Products & Services,
Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Organisation & Sales Force.

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