What we do

With years of experience and a well-established network of business partners, Incipit has all the necessary know-how and skills to help you plan and implement strategic changes that bring added value to your corporate reality. This is achieved through four specific, strategic actions:


A new business model can only come to life, grow and be successful when all the elements that make up the overall strategic identity have been clearly defined. Creating a new business model means guiding the company in defining and understanding the market positioning of their product or service; the offer itself; the overall experience in all aspects of dealing and engaging with the end client, and, finally, the evaluation of the financial sustainability of the project.
We work closely with your company, integrating all of these elements to help you achieve a distinctive and winning market presence.

Incipit can help you identify and define the following essential elements:

  • Strategic positioning and the definition of the identity and target audience
  • Territorial business intelligence and geo-marketing
  • Market potential
  • Retail experience and design concepts
  • Market launch of the product or service


In an ever-changing, highly competitive world like the one we live in today, business acceleration can be achieved by entering new markets or individualising alternative commercial channels. Incipit can provide you will all the right tools, innovative ideas, inspiration and integration to help you take on all of the challenges that modern-day companies have to face with confidence. Challenges that today’s companies must be ready to face using the right means and tools, starting from innovation, inspiration and integration. With these elements in mind, Incipit helps companies create organisational structures, capable of supporting long-term business development, providing skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of new markets and commercial channels
  • Network planning and building of commercial networks in Italy and abroad
  • Design and planning of distribution models and pricing policies
  • Selection of partners and development of commercial negotiations


As long as you use the right tools, even the more challenging situations can be successfully resolved, and Incipit has all the necessary skills and expertise to identify and manage the key problems with regard to the management of human resources and the analysis of organisational work flows, right the way through to the entire restructuration of the processes, helping you to work more efficiently and reduce costs.

To achieve this, Incipit provides a complete range of services and solutions to help your company:

  • Complex organisational interventions with the aim of creating growth
  • Revision of workflows and processes
  • Training of the Human Resources in line with the proposed changes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Planning of the communications announcing the change, both internally and externally


This is quite a sensitive theme. Even in the current scenario, which is dominated by Quantitative Easing (QE), the search for capital still remains a real turning point for companies seeking growth and development opportunities. Therefore, the ability to access financial resources that are suitable for the commercial context is a key factor of success. And, this is why the operation requires professional consultancy.
With our consolidated skills and network of contacts, Incipit provides professional services and solutions that will enable you to individualise the most profitable strategies for your company.

We can help you with:

  • The drafting of strategic and economic/financial plans (long-term business plans) to define your needs and objectives
  • Drafting of informative and strategic memorandums that will allow you to dialogue with your financers.
  • Sourcing of financial resources (risk capital and bank loans) to sustain the development of your investments and business plans.
  • Consultancy services for structured financial operations and the renegotiation of existing structural set-ups.

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