The method

Incipit thoroughly analyses, investigates and studies:

The client

To fully grasp the company culture and assimilate the values, needs and pre-fixed objectives.

The market

To gain awareness of the business context in which you operate (opportunities, risks, limitations and market scenarios).

The project

To understand the objectives and find the right way to achieve them.


Incipit transforms strategic decisions into concrete actions, helping you reach your goals through the implementation of effective organisational processes and the active engagement and participation of all the company departments.
Our many years of experience and long-established network of contacts, allow Incipit to enter a company and flank its internal resources through the delicate process of change, through the implementation of specifically tailored, temporary management projects.


Incipit is a consultancy company that has been founded on a wide variety of different skills in numerous sectors; years of management experience and a wealth of contacts for the creation and development of highly complex projects. We principally work in the following fields:

Organised Distribution
Luxury Goods & Fashion
Specialist Retail
Tourism & Entertainment
Services & B2B

But, we also have the skills and expertise to work in a wide variety of sectors.

Our clients

What our clients are saying about us.

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